If you are involved in an automobile accident, it's very important what you do and say at the first moment. We suggest some "do's and don'ts" throughout the process. The process that might lead you to insurance claim, or the claim against you.

The DOS:

Stay in the place!!! Do not move your car no matter what is the traffic situation.

In New York you must wear seat belt.

Take pictures as many as possible from different angels.

Call police. When you talk to the police officer give him/her the complete story the way you see it. This record is the most important information that will valuate your case in the future.

Call the ambulance. Car accidents are usually traumatic. Often drivers and/or passengers are so shocked that they don't feel any pain that can come later. It is always good idea to seek medical attention at the time of the accident.

Things not to do:

Do not call your insurance agent!!! You can call the insurance later, maybe even next day when you calm and think the whole situation over.

Never admit your fault. Don't ever tell police officer or to anybody, that you are guilty or sorry. It will be used against you. Also you have to think the things over. Even if you rear ended somebody, just think why it's happened. Sometimes the rear lights of other car malfunction and you couldn't see it stopping. Or the other car made a shot stop. Never say anything about you phone. Even if right before the accident you just glanced at your phone to see who is calling, it's automatically makes your fault.

Don't agree on any settlement, don't take any money and don't sign any agreements or any paper.

Do not exchange information with other driver. It is a police job.